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The AGORA school is located in the centre of the city of Lausanne, Place Saint-François 12bis.

Lausanne, olympic capital, is 30 minutes by train from the  Geneva-Cointrin international airport. Alongside the Leman Lake, the city enjoys a beautiful setting and a panoramic view on the Lake and on the Alps’ summits.

It is also the capital city of the International Olympic Committee and the seat of many international federations and companies.

Lausanne is moreover an important academic, technologic and tourist centre. Being a well-known sports capital, Lausanne offers huge spaces for leisure and sports.

In parallel, this dynamic city offers its inhabitants an amazing number of cultural events such as festivals, concerts, operas, museums, theatre,… throughout the year.

The AGORA school, on the second floor of a luxury building, offers bright and comfortable classrooms, all equipped with up-to-date materials and resources.

All the buses stop at Place Saint-François. The subway and the railway station (CFF) are nearby. Access to the school is therefore very easy and quick.



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